Effective Ways to Get Mice Out of Your Garage

The mice dwelling in your garage can often be a cause of emotional stress and health problems. They will chew our electrical wires, tear up wall insulation, and contaminate our house with their feces and urine. Fortunately, there are easy yet effective ways on how you can eliminate your New Jersey mouse problem. You may use trapping or exclusion device which pose minimum threat to non-targeted animals. A combination of control method will also be necessary to experience a long-term solution.

Step-By-Step Guide in Getting Rid of the Trenton Mouse
When you want to eliminate your mice infestation, you need to go straight to the source of the problem. Think about the things that you are storing inside. The pet food or the birdseeds inside might be drawing the attention of these nuisance animals.

Reduce the Food Source
During the winter months, there will be insufficient supply of food for the mice. This is one possible reason why they will be bold enough to invade our house. If you don’t want to capture their interest, you must store all the food items in a container with a tight and secured lid. Metal container can prevent the odor of these food items from escaping. While it is impossible to completely eliminate their food source due to the varied diet of the mice, reducing the food source of the creature will make your place less hospitable to them.

Trapping the Mouse
Once the Trenton mouse is already inside your garage, it can be difficult to persuade them to leave our property. During this time, trapping can be an effective solution. Placement of the trap and the use of bait plays a key role in the success of your control method. The mice are usually cautious in nature and will refuse to interact to anything new in their environment. Start by placing the trap near their nesting or feeding ground but do not activate the trap. This will allow them to be comfortable in the presence of the trap. After a week, you may now set the trap and activate the trigger.

Patch the Holes in Your Garage
The mice inside the garage will use a hole to access our property. You will have to inspect the different areas of your garage and look for the holes that these mice are using. Mice can use a hole with a dimeter of ¼ inch to invade our garage. Take note of all these holes and cover them with caulk, hardware cloth or steel plate. Mice have strong and durable teeth that can easily penetrate wood and plastic materials. Avoid using those materials to patch up the holes in your garage.

Keeping your garage clean and removing the clutter will reduce the activity of the mice. They prefer to live in the area with debris and other piles of materials to hide their presence. Eliminate the debris and store your pile of woods above the ground. Simply follow these tips and you will be able to avoid the unwanted visit from the mice.

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