We stand Behind our Work

At Trenton Animal Attic we guarantee both our work and our products. We want you to be happy with our wildlife removal services. We been around since 2007 because we consistently deliver quality work. Our guarantee is that we will always make any error right. Our standard repair warranty against new animal into your house through our repairs is 1 year. That said, most of our repairs will last for the life of your home against new critter entry. We also provide full written work order estimates before beginning any work. Call us at 609-421-1057 for more details about our guarantee.

Whether you are hearing scratching noises as you lie down to sleep, or you awake to find signs of animals digging in your yard or garden, we are here to help you deal with any wild animal problem. No matter how big or small the job, our team of friendly telephone advisers will discuss your situation with patience and respect, and they can offer good advice on what you can do, as well as arranging one of our animal removal experts to visit. The idea of living at home when there are animals in the walls or roof space can be stressful, so we try to get someone to you as quickly as possible – often on the same day! We specialize in situations where there are wild animals in the attic, and can identify the species present based on the damage they cause and the spots they are using to get in and out. Depending on the species we will use exclusion methods or trapping and removal of the animals to get them out of your property. Another service that we offer is dead animal removal, so if you do start to smell something decaying then we can find the source and remove that safely for you as well.