Animals that Dig in Yard

The adults will treat their backyard as a place where they can relax while our children and pets can use this space to play. Unfortunately, for the wild animals, our yard is a place for them to hunt and store foods. Some of the possible invaders of your yard can range from Trenton rodents to armadillos which are all adept diggers. The size of the hole can tell you which animal the likely culprit is.

Type of Animals That Will Dig in Your Yard
In case you start to notice the holes in your yard, there can be different things that are causing these holes. This may be a rotten root, irrigation issues and one of the most common reasons, the wildlife animals.

When there is a vole in your New Jersey yard, you will discover some tiny chew marks at the base of the tree. The voles love to establish their den in a yard with vegetation and grass that they can use to conceal their presence from the predators. They will create holes that are around 1 ½-2in diameter. The voles will dig night or day.

The squirrels are diurnal creatures and they will mostly be doing their digging during daylight. They will be most active in our yard on fall and on the summer season. The holes that they will create will simply be enough to store the nuts and seeds they have collected. They may also invade the garden beds and cause damages on the newly emerging plants and flower buds.

Skunks, Armadillos, and Skunks
These animals are nocturnal diggers which will make it difficult to catch them on the act. They have an amazing olfactory nerve that enable them to determine the proper location of the worms, grubs, and insects. The holes of the Trenton raccoons and skunks will often be conical in terms of shape. This will usually have a width of 2-4 inches. You will also notice some claw marks on the hole of these animals. They can easily peel our freshly installed sods to uncover the grubs. The holes of the armadillo on the other hand will have a depth of 1-3 inches and width of 5 inches. The affected area can spread to as much as 3ft.

The Mounds
The mounds that are found in the yard are the work of these diggers. The mound of the moles will have that cone shape that can reach a height of 2-8 inches. This mound will lead to their tunnels. The pocket gophers will establish their burrows in the loose soil.

The mound is a sign that there is a burrowing creature in your yard. This can be a major concern since these creatures can cause significant damage to your yard. They might damage the root of the plant that will affect the growth rate. They can also dig close to the foundation of our house that will weaken the structure. Once you notice some cracks on the walls of your house, you should be prepared to deal with expensive repairs.

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